One Girl; Weird World

Your lassie next door with a wracked past and a dicey future grappling the ever judging Indian society for her unconventional ambitions.

Hello from this facet,

With unhackneyed spirit while breaking into adulthood, this is your scibbler Barkha Mahajan. She is no magician with with words, she writes sometimes to manifest and other times, just to vent out. It assuages her, making the mishmash tolerable again.

Revamping to the stipulations of all is undoable (for an average human like her), yet being acceptable is a must. She can’t content all, she just cannot. She started writing as a reflux of her scrimmaging because of her seemingly atypical ways. It is her hideaway from the incessant drama.

A romantic at heart, she has fallen in love exactly once (maybe), because there are epic loves.
Sadly, though, she believes that even epic love stories have endings.

She values her independence and would like nothing more than live on her own — soon as she can figure out her life, perhaps.

She is picky about who she hangs out with, because she believes in the power of association.

She is a princess in shining armor, not a damsel in distress.

You’ll get to know her better through her work (than in person) because she reflects her innerself when she writes, things she’ll NEVER speak out loud about (she is a badass spoilt brat with a terrible sense of timing and humour).

Enjoy the concert!